berlin bird

july 10, 2022

originally written may 24, 2022

and you, young and foolish one
keen to prove you're no longer a fledgling
chasing the whims of your kin and kind
take wing and lunge towards that thing,
in the shade and stink of fruiting gingko trees, that sparkle
caught in the trap of your eye.
a sparkle of something new and curious.

you lept before looking. your wings, unprepared by eons
unable to support your bones in the water's embrace.

and so the water claimed you, poor, lovely thing
the shimmer of your wings, glittering silver panic.
with your death the lagoon whispered a promise,
asking only for your patience in return.

and you, with quiet pride, waited
still as stone in your grave
only when the water drained did she make good on her promise
and you spread your wings--
flew into eternal life.

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