i really enjoy making leftist stuff, but sometimes struggle to find assets that are in the public domain or free-use. so, i've created a few graphics that can be used by other leftists in their own art projects. no need to attribute these to me or pay to use them; just keep doing good work in your community. if you would like to thank me by helping me feed my cats and pay the bills (and you're able to do so), i do have a ko-fi account that you're welcome to throw money at.

you'll get better results if you download these, rather than copy and paste them; some graphics programs are better than others at handling transparent pngs. the svg files are vector-based and won't work with all programs, but can be more easily customized for color, outlines, etc. more will be added as i finish them.

broken swastika

png files:
black | white
svg files:
black | white