call me marc or jackdaw or mutt or any mix of the three. use only he/him pronouns for me. i romanticize decay and ruin, but feel compelled to preserve as a historian and archivist would. can't say if i'm operating on pure nostalgia for the sites i explored in the early 2000s, or if spite emboldens me to create an anti-social space. but here i am. and here you are. here we are.

there's no overarching theme to this site, just a voice and an aesthetic--and inconsistent ones, at that. i care about history, gardening, making zines, queer culture, vintage media, kink, anarchy, creation, destruction, cats, birds, comics, baking, writing. explore the archives for more as i take a moment to untangle and peck out my thoughts. my art typically is done traditionally; here, most will be done strictly digitally to force me to experiment with software.

my more... professional writing (and more about my written works) is available at jackdawmarc.wordpress.com. what can i say--it's easier to update. you can contact me directly by clicking my name in the footer below on any page.

i do have social media sites as well. check my link tree for those accounts and other projects i'm working on.

current status: